Test evoTerm.

You can sample the high capability of the sytem and how simple it is to use here.
Our demo database contains around 7000 terms in up to 26 languages.

Various user profiles are available for accessing the database.

Login: evo-1
Password: evo-1
This user will be shown all languages; he may edit terms in the German, English, Dutch and French languages and may carry out certain administrative functions for terms in German (delete term, change status).

Login: evo-2
Password: evo-2
This user will be shown only a limited number of languages: German, English, Dutch and French.
He may edit terms in German, Dutch and French. Terms in English will only be displayed.

warning Please note that several people can login under the same Login in the demo version. This can affect certain functions (e.g. input assistance, default values, filter setting). Multiple logins with the same Login are only possible in the demo version.

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